What is Employee Engagement? What comes to your mind when you think of the term Employee Engagement?

Engagement is, at best, a symptom of success.

Employee engagement is a wide concept that has different meanings. However, one should keep in mind employee engagement is not the same as employee satisfaction. Satisfaction only indicates how content your employees are. Whereas, engagement indicates an employee’s level of involvement, passion, or emotional commitment towards work.

To define, employee engagement is a workplace approach that increases the chances of business success, contributing to organisational and individual performance and productivity, with an enhanced sense of individual well-being.

To put it simply, employee engagement is one of the key factors in driving organizational success. It is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their work and put extra efforts into their tasks. Engaged employees are happy and committed to their work and the goals and values of their company, not only because they’re paid for this, but because they’re emotionally invested in the company.

According to a study, it is found that companies with better employee engagement saw:

  • 41% reduction in absenteeism
  • Reduced employee attrition
  • 21% greater profitability
  • Better customer engagement leading to increased customer ratings and sales.

increase customer ratings and sales

Employees who are engaged make it a point to show up to work and work more actively. They are more likely to stay with the employer which in turn reduces employee attrition. As engaged employees have a greater commitment to quality of work, they focus on improving customer relationships and obtain commendable organic growth in prospects and sales. The previous outcomes of customer satisfaction and reduced employee turnover, collide to bring organizations increased profitability.

Key Takeaways

  • Engaged employees are an invaluable asset for the organization in today’s competitive workforce
  • They understand the bigger picture of the company and how they fit into it
  • Engagement creates increased productivity and efficiency
  • The profitability of a company hikes up due to employee engagement
  • Employers can foster employee engagement through effective communication, offering incentives/ rewards, involvement in important tasks, etc.
  • Employee engagement enhances company culture
  • It describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job

Want to Boost Employee Engagement? Offer a Sales Incentive

Now, that we know why employee engagement is important and how it benefits the organizations, let’s talk about how to drive employee engagement.

One of the best ways to drive engagement is through incentives. A study by Incentive Research Foundations says sales incentives have proven to boost employee engagement. Thus, offering your employees any type of incentive can go a long way.

Sales incentive programs work because they leverage human behaviour. You can avoid the pitfalls of employee attrition and drive retention as part of your employee engagement efforts by effectively incentivizing your employees. Here’s how:

  1. Give multiple reward options
  2. Strong employee benefits packages
  3. Provide convenient access to the incentives
  4. Conduct learning and development programs
  5. Compensation incentive programs
  6. Fun gifts
  7. Enable quick incentive delivery
  8. Extra time off

employee engagement

While employee engagement isn’t an overnight fix, putting up a plan together in the form of incentives is a key next step towards improving your team’s engagement.

Bottom Line

Engaging employees takes work and commitment, but it is not an impossible task. Engaged employees are strongly connected to business outcomes and drive the revenue, innovation and growth that their companies need. In a nutshell, employee engagement drives performance and is often reflected in the individual outcomes of the employees. Thus, consider sales incentives one way to keep your employees engaged and happy with your company over the long haul.

To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.

No matter your starting point, we’ll get you where you want to be. Reach out to us at sumeet.shah@incentivate.in and can help you design a sales incentive program that best suits the desires of your staff and aligns with your company values.

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