One platform for all stakeholders and functions

From automation and 100% accuracy to providing insightful information at fingertips, Incentivate breaks down barriers between functions and meets the needs of every department that is involved in incentives programs.

Incentivate for HR and Compensation Manager

Enable your compensation and HR teams to focus on value-centric tasks with Incentivate’s 100% automated management of incentive plans across teams. Incentivate equips your HR team to focus on high employee engagement, motivation and aligning performance with company goals.
Participants and teams management

Manage rosters and assignments within the platform for seamless information flow

Team engagement

Motivate teams and improve engagement through interactive and visual performance scorecards

Improved retention

Improve retention of top performers through personalized nudges and tracking of plan effectiveness metrics

Real-time performance monitoring

Keep track of the performance of employees and proactively identify areas of improvement

Loved by Industry Leaders

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Are you ready to drive outcomes?

Are you ready to drive outcomes?

Drive goals, outcomes and enhance processes with the only no-code, uncompromising incentive management platform.
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