Commissions Automation & All-Level Sales Performance Reporting

Optimize the performance of your sales commissions program with end-to-end automation and detailed progress reporting. Leverage Incentivate, the premier platform designed to meet the growing needs of European markets at highly affordable rates. Experience seamless automation, achieve on-demand processing, and gain real-time insights into performance of sales, operations and customer success teams.

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Loved by Industry Leaders

Loved by industry leaders

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    Key Features 

    Unleash Efficiency with End-to-End Commission Program Automation

    Discover how Incentivate, your next-generation sales compensation management software, streamlines incentive processes from start to finish. Eliminate manual hurdles, reduce errors, and accelerate commission payout delivery, ensuring your team can focus on what matters most.

    Automated Incentives

    Transform Complex Commission Calculations into Simple Solutions

    Tackle complex calculation challenges head-on with Incentivate. Our sophisticated sales commission software simplifies intricate processes, reducing the effort required in monthly commission processing and ensuring timely, accurate payouts.

    Automated and error-free calculations

    Manage Approvals & Disputed Seamlessly

    Incentivate’s out-of-the-box governance workflows are designed to facilitate auditable exchange of feedback for target management, payout approvals, credit overrides, plan acknowledgement, and adjustments. Our platform provides stakeholders relevant information to take action. With Incentivate, ensure that your field reps and operations teams always have the clarity and support they need to excel.

    Data management Included

    Fast Track Your Monthly Commission Processing

    With Incentivate’s sales compensation software, witness a dramatic acceleration in your monthly commission processing timelines. Our advanced automation technology ensures a swift, seamless, and error-free processing of commissions at the frequency of your choice, enabling quicker payouts and heightened satisfaction among your sales, operations and customer success teams. 

    No-code Plan Builder

    Enhanced Transparency and Granular Visibility at Your Fingertips

    Incentivate’s sales compensation management software grants unprecedented visibility to both HQ teams and field reps. Resolve field queries swiftly and offer a transparent view into commission structures, payout calculations, fostering trust and clear communication across all channels.

    AI-guided Coaching

    Empowerment Through Insight: Your Reps’ Gateway to Potential Earnings

    Equip your field reps and operations teams with near real-time insights into their earnings potential and personalized performance nudges. Incentivate’s commission software includes intuitive incentive/commission estimators, allowing reps to forecast their earnings and stay motivated.

    AI-guided Coaching

    Stay Ahead with Incentivate’s Exclusive Mobile App

    Incentivate is the only incentive platform offering a dedicated mobile app for reps. Track commissions, view performance metrics, and stay connected on-the-go, ensuring continuous engagement and performance optimization.

    AI-guided Coaching

    Track and Optimize Your Incentive ROI Efficiently

    With Incentivate, gain a clear perspective on your sales commissions program ROI. Our robust sales compensation software provides actionable insights, enabling your finance team to optimize commission plans for better returns and enhanced performance.

    AI-guided Coaching

    End-to-End security across cloud, network, host, application, and data domains


    End-to-End security across cloud, network, host, application, and data domains


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