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Delivered error-free automated commissions and reporting for over 50K+ payees across small, medium, and enterprise clients

Our Journey

  • Launched Incnetivate in Q3 2021

  • 4 clients onboarded (2 multi-country)

  • Team Size of 12

  • Launched configurable web reporting and workflow.

  • 15 enterprise clients onboarded (2 multi-country).

  • Team Size of 30

  • 1 implementation partner onboarded.

  • Launched iOS and Android reporting apps.

  • 12 enterprise clients onboarded (1 multi-country).

  • Team Size of 50

  • 2 implementation partners onboarded.






in incentive payouts


Active users


Faster change rollouts


Reduced manual efforts

Who we are

Team of over 50 people, a management team with combined incentives and commissions management experience of 100+ years. Headquartered in Pune (India) with a presence in North America, Canada, and Europe. Our vision is to offer sales commissions and incentives automation solutions to clients across the globe and facilitate their pathway to sales excellence by providing unmatched transparency, engagement, and actionable insights. Used by clients like Aljomaih, Reliance, Mahindra, WeWork, Abbott, Netcore, as well as many others, Incentivate is the new-age technology solution that offers enterprise-grade security, capabilities at the most affordable price point in the enterprise Incentivate management space.

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Our Story

With a decade of experience working closely with diverse clients, we recognized the challenge of existing incentive solutions hindering business evolution. In response, we developed a cutting-edge technological solution to empower organizations in adapting swiftly to changing requirements, aiming to enhance self-sufficiency and reduce reliance on external partners for ongoing operations and changes. Our goal is to change the paradigm for sales incentives and commission program management by introducing ease, speed, agility, accuracy, and deeper performance drivers in the process without necessarily breaking the bank for our clients. Our unique technology stack and solution architecture, combined with a comprehensive implementation framework, helps in improving the speed of operations significantly while reducing the overall cost of infrastructure.

Comprehensive Implementation Approach

We understand that many businesses struggle to fully automate their sales incentives processes. Our approach is designed to address this issue comprehensively. Unlike some of our competitors, who tend to cover only 80% of their clients’ incentive plans and leave the more complex ones out of the system, we aim to automate the calculation process end-to-end. So, what sets us apart? It’s our approach driven by design thinking. Here’s a breakdown of how we do it:

We begin with precise questions and industry-standard templates to grasp your calculation requirements fully. No room for guesswork here.

We focus on understanding your input and output data structures, ensuring they align seamlessly with your incentive calculations.

We develop all-inclusive reports for diverse stakeholders – analysts, HQ, Sales Leadership, Finance, and Sales Managers, ensuring relevant insights for all.

We integrate program governance into requirements, encompassing workflows highlighting different actors and their desired actions.

We run a parallel stream to collaborate with your IT team for data integration, connecting upstream sources and downstream accounting & analytics systems.

Our design is easy to use, letting you edit web-dependent parameters and manage complex incentive plans and workflows effortlessly.

We maintain thorough testing: configuration, system integration, and user acceptance tests to ensure your system operates without issues.

Our platform’s built-in governance framework with SOPs and instructional videos enhances ongoing operations for increased effectiveness.

We establish key sign-off and deliverable dates, conducting regular team, manager, and steering committee meetings to address risks and solutions.

We’re there for you during the transition. We provide a built-in hypercare support period to assist your team in adapting to the configured platform.

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