One platform for all stakeholders and functions

From automation and 100% accuracy to providing insightful information at fingertips, Incentivate breaks down barriers between functions and meets the needs of every department that is involved in incentives programs.

Incentivate for finance and accounting

Incentivate offers finance and accounting teams 100% payout calculation accuracy, zero shadow accounting, fewer disputes and allows them to focus on improving the bottom line. Comprehensive payout forecasting reports enable finance and accounting teams for better financial planning and 100% compliance.
Payout tracking

Track incentives and commissions payments for the entire year and beyond with detailed calculations and data traceability

Payout trends analysis

Simulate sales commissions and incentive plans and analyze payout trends


Accrual and projection/forecast of incentive payouts based on current performance and other factors

Audit-trail of changes

Reduce risk in your incentive process compliance through fine-grained audit of changes, executions and adjustments

Integration with finance and payroll systems

Eliminate data silos with seamless integration with ERP, HRMS, Accounting and Payroll systems

On-time payouts

Always meet your incentive payout dates without compromising on incentive accuracy

Improved bottom line

Significantly reduce operational overheads

Loved by Industry Leaders

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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