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Immerse yourself in the Incentivate experience through our Video page, where we unveil the power of our incentives automation, meticulous calculation, and sales enablement tools. Witness success stories that highlight the tangible impact on businesses navigating the competitive landscape with ease.

Incentivate Workflows

Explore our business workflow capability for streamlining queries, disputes, changes, payout approvals, etc. With integrated comments and documentation capabilities, our platform ensures clarity, transparency, and compliance every step of the way.

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Insurance Advisor Dashboard

Sample dashboard video for advisors in the Insurance industry. Each section along with metrics, visuals, colors, formats, etc. is configurable in nature depending on the rules of the client. The intent of these dashboards is to provide transparency and encourage advisors to do better.

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Sales Rep Dashboard

Video of our sample field scorecard. The objective of this configurable report is to provide transparency and details for reps to understand their calculations. Additionally, personalized nudges and what-if calculators can be embedded to improve plan alignment and performance.

#salesrepdashboard #whatifcalculator #fieldscorecard

Job Scheduling

Concerned about too many manual steps to process incentives? Not anymore! Now, schedule jobs to run at any time during the day. Effortlessly manage job scheduling at your fingertips! Curious to know how? Find out in the above video!

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Not every input is handled in a system. Imagine exceptions or hierarchical relationships that are managed in spreadsheets. Use the upload functionality to ingest this information and process incentives effortlessly.

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Want to leverage inputs, measures, earnings, and SPIFF data to draw insights? No worries! Define the granularity of your preference, maintain as many datasets as possible in your desired structure, and download them as Excel or CSVs.

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Are you confused because there are too many jobs to process? Voila! Organize all the jobs to improve clarity, which will also reduce your troubleshooting efforts and reclaim your valuable time! Experience swift issue identification, boosting operational effectiveness with our automated system.

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“Periods” feature within Incentivate provides data segregation on a granular level. It ensures data integrity and privacy protection and offers flexibility in defining time frames. Organizations can mitigate risks associated with data manipulation and maintain compliance with regulatory standards.

#dataintegrity #compliance #datasegregation


Are you tired of contacting your vendor for the smallest tasks, like adding an adjustment, overriding performance, or changing thresholds? Use parameters to regain control and manage the system yourself. With Incentivate, you can increase operational efficiency at your end.

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