Incentivate Announces Partnership with Leading Insurance Broking Organization


Incentivate, a no-code sales performance management, reporting, and analytics platform, are pleased to announce a partnership with a leading insurance broking organization. As part of this engagement, Incentivate will automate incentive schemes for 30,000 insurance agents.

Incentivate is a full-featured, no-code sales commission and incentive management solution suite with built-in IC intelligence and business workflow to automate commissions for the in-house sales force and other channels. It supports clients of all sizes and industries.

As part of this engagement, the expectation from the client is to deliver:

  • A scalable, secure, enterprise-grade incentive management platform
  • Provide end-to-end Incentive Compensation services
  • Provide ongoing assistance for processing monthly incentives and updating incentive schemes based on changing business needs

This engagement will cover the client's in-house sales employees as well as their agent brokers.

About Incentivate

Incentivate is a no-code sales commission automation platform with integrated analytics and reporting features. It caters to a wide variety of industries, and its tools help automate different paid incentive roles. An experienced team featuring industry veterans of the sales performance management space handles implementations and delivers in as fast as four weeks.

Our team is excited and thrilled to be providing end-to-end Incentive Compensation Management services and continues to focus on the mission of improving the overall effectiveness of sales operations groups," stated Sujeet Pillai, Chief Technology Officer of Incentivate. "We are proud of what we have achieved until now and look forward to continuing our relationships with our valued customers and clients with an unwavering commitment to focusing on increased productivity.

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