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Trade Excel’s headaches for the ease and efficiency of automation!

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Are you spending too much time and effort on manual Excel data entry, calculations, or repetitive tasks? Is being tied to a single platform (Excel) hampering the flexibility or capabilities needed for evolving business needs? Not anymore!

Incentivate, the premiere platform for sales commissions, is revolutionizing the growing needs of North American markets at highly affordable rates. You can experience seamless automation, achieve on-demand processing, and gain real-time insights into the performance of sales, operations, and customer success teams.


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Loved by Industry Leaders

Loved by industry leaders

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    Founder & CEO

    20+ years of consulting experience primarily focused on sales incentives design, automation and operations, salesforce effectiveness (SFE), business intelligence (BI), analytics, and reporting for life sciences with leaders such as ZS Associates, Optymyze (formerly Synygy) and others.

    Sujeet pillai

    Founder & CTO

    20+ years of sales compensation design, automation, operations and analytics experience with industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, and Communications. 10+ years of innovating with new-age technologies and developing complex & scalable enterprise solutions.

    Mohit Dubey

    Founder & CFO

    20+ years of experience in incentive compensation process automation and administration. He has been an entrepreneur for several years now and brings on board some key general management skills, entrepreneurial experience, and administration skills.


    Director – Client Services

    17+ years of experience in designing and implementing sales compensation enterprise software solutions and providing data analytics support for some of the top 10 global life sciences organizations.

    Sumeet Shah

    Director of Growth

    17+ years of experience in incentive compensation management, goal setting, salesforce effectiveness (SFE), and process management with sales performance management for leading pharma companies..

    Heather Ransome

    VP Sales – Americas & Europe

    10+ years of experience in consulting and management within the B2B technology sector has led sales team using a human centric leadership style that prioritizes sales work culture to optimize performance,

    Sales rep’s first choice for trustworthy incentive payouts.

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