One platform for all stakeholders and functions

From automation and 100% accuracy to providing insightful information at fingertips, Incentivate breaks down barriers between functions and meets the needs of every department that is involved in incentives programs.

Incentivate for sales operations

Save 75% of time with elimination of manual processing and data management. Easily configure even the most complex plans and manage error-free calculations with smart automation.

Manage all plans with ease with end-to-end automation of incentives life cycle

On-time payouts
Deliver on-time payouts with 100% accuracy every single time

Quick & easy changes
Respond to market needs faster with quick change management and rollout

Zero manual intervention

Eliminate manual interventions and reliance on key individuals with embedded process governance and scheduling

Eliminate disputes

Reduce disputes by up to 80% with real-time performance visibility and intuitive reporting

Dispute workflow

Effectively manage queries with automated and configurable workflow

Seamless integration to all sources

Say goodbye to manual data management and arduous pre-processing with seamless integration with source and destination systems

Plan effectiveness

See if plans are effective and deliver desired results. Identify underperforming plans and what changes should be made.

Plan changes modeling

No more guesswork – Understand the impact of changes through modeling before rolling them out to the field

Real-time communications

Get rid of delays in providing payout reports and performance insights with real-time dashboards, push communications and intuitive reports.

Incentivate for sales teams and leadership

See your sales teams and channels outperform their targets with clear and timely understanding of goals. See motivation and engagement soar to new heights with intelligent, actionable nudges across email, WhatsApp, SMS, Slack and more. Empower sales leadership to drive desired behaviors with performance insights at teams and individual levels.
Accurate and timely payouts

Boost sales team confidence with on-time and 100% accurate payouts

Omnichannel engagement

Provide timely information to sales and channel partners on WhatsApp, Slack, SMS, email and other apps they use daily

Real-time performance visibility

Give your reps unprecedented transparency into their incentive calculations and underlying data with intuitive reports

Seamless integration to all sources

Say goodbye to manual data management and arduous pre-processing with seamless integration with source and destination systems

Effective dispute management

Reduce incentive-related disputes and queries from your sales force and improve overall sales teams productivity

Plan acknowledgement

Roll out incentive plans to the field easily through managed plan acknowledgment workflows

Targeted notifications

Send targeted notifications about events and desired actions to your field force

Intuitive mobile app

Track performance and get customer-level nudges on the go with Incentivate mobile app

Leadership insights

Enable sales leaders to get real-time visibility into team performance, target achievement and take actions on areas to improve before results get impacted

Incentivate for finance and accounting

Incentivate offers finance and accounting teams 100% payout calculation accuracy, zero shadow accounting, fewer disputes and allows them to focus on improving the bottom line. Comprehensive payout forecasting reports enable finance and accounting teams for better financial planning and 100% compliance.
Payout tracking

Track incentives and commissions payments for the entire year and beyond with detailed calculations and data traceability

Payout trends analysis

Simulate sales commissions and incentive plans and analyze payout trends


Accrual and projection/forecast of incentive payouts based on current performance and other factors

Audit-trail of changes

Reduce risk in your incentive process compliance through fine-grained audit of changes, executions and adjustments

Integration with finance and payroll systems

Eliminate data silos with seamless integration with ERP, HRMS, Accounting and Payroll systems

On-time payouts

Always meet your incentive payout dates without compromising on incentive accuracy

Improved bottom line

Significantly reduce operational overheads


Incentivate for HR

Enable your compensation and HR teams to focus on value-centric tasks with Incentivate’s 100% automated management of incentive plans across teams. Incentivate equips your HR team to focus on high employee engagement, motivation and aligning performance with company goals.
Participants and teams management

Manage rosters and assignments within the platform for seamless information flow

Team engagement

Motivate teams and improve engagement through interactive and visual performance scorecards

Improved retention

Improve retention of top performers through personalized nudges and tracking of plan effectiveness metrics

Real-time performance monitoring

Keep track of the performance of employees and proactively identify areas of improvement

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Are you ready to drive outcomes?

Are you ready to drive outcomes?

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