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Manage your commissions in-house with Incentivate no matter what your plan/data complexities. And our implementations are 3x faster !!!

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Amit Jain

Founder & CEO

20+ years of consulting experience primarily focused on sales incentives design, automation and operations, salesforce effectiveness (SFE), business intelligence (BI), analytics, and reporting for life sciences with leaders such as ZS Associates, Optymyze (formerly Synygy) and others.

Sujeet Pillai

Founder & CTO

20+ years of sales compensation design, automation, operations and analytics experience with industries like Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom, and Communications. 10+ years of innovating with new-age technologies and developing complex & scalable enterprise solutions.

Mohit Dubey

Founder & CFO

20+ years of experience in incentive compensation process automation and administration. He has been an entrepreneur for several years now and brings on board some key general management skills, entrepreneurial experience, and administration skills.

Suruchi Kadam

Director-Client Services

17+ years of experience in designing and implementing sales compensation enterprise software solutions and providing data analytics support for some of the top 10 global life sciences organizations.

Sumeet Shah

Director of Growth

17+ years of experience in incentive compensation management, goal setting, salesforce effectiveness (SFE), and process management with sales performance management for leading pharma companies.

Heather Ransome

VP Sales – Americas & Europe

10+ years of experience in consulting and management within the B2B technology sector has led sales team using a human centric leadership style that prioritizes sales work culture to optimize performance.

How it works?

Easy Formula Building & Management

Manage Exceptions & Changes on Your Own

Design Payout Curves & Commission Tables

Govern Through Business Workflows

Sales Commission Software & Incentive Automation for All

Our sales commission software is the reliable partner you need to simplify your incentives program. Irrespective of industry, our sales commission software adapts to your unique needs and sources data automatically from your systems, calculates incentives with end-to-end automation, and at the desired frequency. With Incentivate, say goodbye to manual tasks and introduce precision, transparency, and trust in your incentives. Manage changes on your own through our IncentiCraft plan builder and CoreControls like hierarchies, assignments, adjustments, overrides, benchmarks, targets, HR Exceptions, etc.
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Sales Performance Communication System

Offer complete transparency to your sales teams with our sales compensation software. Keep them in sync with their sales performance and associated commissions. Enable personalized insights based on various performance drivers. Deliver engagement through multiple channels like Mobile Apps, Slack, WhatsApp, and more. With Incentivate, our sales compensation software, achieve seamless communication and alignment. Team members can work towards a unified vision, ensuring that you meet your corporate goals every time.
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AI-PoweredPersonalized Coaching

Empower your sales reps to exceed their targets with our AI-powered personalized coaching. Our incentive compensation management platform, Incentivate, uses data-driven insights to identify each rep’s performance. It can craft coaching plans tailored to their needs by using a trained large language model. We have faith in every team member’s potential. That’s why our advanced AI guidance is here to strengthen your sales force to be the powerhouse it’s meant to be.
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Business Governance Workflow

Incentivate empowers you, the end-user, to take control of your incentive commission processes with ease. Access embedded business workflows at your fingertips. Configure intricate multi-actor workflows customized to your unique business needs. Plan acknowledgments, target letter approvals, change management, payout verifications, and dispute resolutions are all streamlined by our sales compensation software. It optimizes every aspect of your incentive compensation management process. Say goodbye to tedious manual email-based approvals, signatures and hello to a more efficient, intuitive, and user-friendly auditable experience. Your sales commissions are in good hands, and you’re in control like never before.
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From our Clients


With Incentivate, we are able to manage complex plans easily and making updates is a breeze. No other platform comes close to Incentivate’s flexibility, and comprehensiveness

Tejas Kumar
Manager - Sales Excellence

Every other platform needed us to change the way we managed data. Incentivate provided us flexibility without any compromise along with being the most cost-effective platform that has eliminated our incentives woes.

Kalpesh Desai
Global Head of Sales Operations

We have seen many solutions in the market. Hands down, Incentivate is the most flexible and easy-to-use tool and meets all of our requirements. You see the difference when you really look under the hood.

Amit Agarwal
Head of Compliance

Something for every team

Optimize your fiscal strategies with Incentivate. Our software streamlines sales incentive calculation and enables transparency. End-to-end automation ensures high accuracy and timely payouts. Finance teams gets empowered through periodic accruals along with insights to improve ROI of the sales commission program.

Supercharge your sales operations with Incentivate. Our platform takes the calculation complexity out of sales incentive management with end-to-end automation allowing you to focus on what matters most – driving sales growth. What’s more, let our 360-degree communication system keep everyone aligned.

Transform your sales outcomes and enable actionable coaching with Incentivate. Provide clear performance updates, actionable nudges and what-if calculator to your salesforce. Improve the confidence on calculations, reduce disputes, and lower attrition. Our AI powered coaching module enables data-driven feedback.

Revolutionize your talent management and employee engagement strategies with Incentivate. Our platform not only automates sales incentives but also provides deep insights into your team’s performance. Enhance motivation, retention, and skill development, and foster a culture of growth and excellence.

End-to-End security across cloud, network, host, application, and data domains


Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales performance management?

Sales Performance Management (SPM) is a comprehensive approach to optimizing and managing a sales team’s performance and productivity.

It involves a range of strategies, processes, and tools to set sales goals, incentivize and reward salespeople, and improve overall sales effectiveness. Sales performance management typically includes goal setting, territory management, quota allocation, performance analytics, and incentive compensation. Sales performance management aims to align sales efforts with business objectives, maximize revenue generation, and enhance the efficiency and motivation of sales teams.

What is sales commission software?

Sales commission software is a dedicated system designed to simplify commission management. It automates complex calculations and rule-based commission structures, accommodating various sales roles or product categories. Additionally, it provides employees with access to historical earnings data and projected income, improving transparency. Sales tracking software is particularly valuable in industries with variable compensation structures, like real estate and technology, offering businesses an efficient way to ensure accurate commission payments while saving time and reducing errors.

How do you calculate sales commission?

Commission represents earnings from a sale, often paid as a percentage of total sales revenue. You can calculate it using the formula: Sales Commission = Sales Amount x Commission Rate.
(‘Sales Amount’ refers to the amount of sales or revenue generated by the salesperson.)
(‘Commission Rate’ is the percentage or fixed rate assigned to the salesperson for each sale.)

What is the purpose of sales tracking?

Sales tracking serves multiple purposes in business. It helps monitor and analyze sales performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Key purposes include:

  1. Performance Evaluation:
    Sales tracking enables businesses to assess their sales strategies' effectiveness and sales teams' performance. A sales tracking software offers real-time metrics for performance evaluation.
  2. Forecasting:
    Sales tracking helps predict future sales trends and demand, aiding inventory management and resource allocation.
  3. Goal Setting:
    Organizations can set and adjust sales targets and goals to drive growth and profitability by tracking sales data. A sales tracking software enables dynamic goal setting and monitoring.
  4. Customer Insights:
    Sales tracking provides insights into customer preferences and buying behavior, enabling better-targeted marketing and customer relationship management.
  5. Cost savings:
    Incentive management systems can also help to reduce costs by incentivizing employees to be more productive and efficient. By rewarding high-performing employees, organizations can reduce turnover costs and train new employees.