Transforming Incentive Compensation Management: Al Jomaih Partners with Incentivate for a 5-Year Engagement

Al Jomaih, the official bottling partner of Pepsi in the Gulf region, has embarked on a transformative journey by partnering with Incentivate, a leading solutions provider in the field of Incentive Compensation Management (ICM). This landmark partnership comes as Al Jomaih aims to revolutionize its operations and enhance the efficiency of its incentive management system. For the past decade, Al Jomaih had been using a legacy ICM system that fell short of meeting their expectations in terms of performance and functionality.

The challenges faced by Al Jomaih with their existing system were multi-fold:

  • Eligibility Processing: No concurrent mechanism for handling varying eligibility scenarios led to offline calculations.
  • Lack of Real-Time Processing: The legacy system lacked real-time data computation, leading to prolonged processing times and Al-Jomaih processing once a month.
  • Absence of Interactive Dashboards: The system did not provide interactive dashboards or a mobile app. This resulted in a need for more transparency and motivation among leadership, administrators, and field users.
  • Dispute Resolution: Without handy performance dashboards, incentive disputes had no dedicated resolution platform, resulting in manual handling.
  • Lack of Flexibility: The system did not support retroactive processing and could not design and roll out incentive programs (short burst contests). Additionally, it lacked a maker and checker functionality to validate and reduce manual errors.

In a strategic move to address these challenges and drive operational excellence, Al Jomaih has engaged Incentivate in a 5-year partnership. As part of this collaboration, Incentivate has deployed a team to Saudi Arabia for onsite requirement gathering and to initiate the project.

Key Deliverables from Incentivate Include:

  • Integration Capabilities: Incentivate will integrate the system with up to 5 different systems to ensure a smoother bidirectional data flow.
  • Any-time Payout: Incentivate aims to achieve daily end-to-end sales commission/incentives processing. It includes handling complex rules, processing millions of records, and paying out reps on demand.
  • Streamlined Eligibility Processing: The system will support eligibility-based processing for new joiners, terminations, and cross-functional movements.
  • Prorated Calculations: Commissions and incentives of individuals about to go on vacation will be prorated for fair and accurate payouts.
  • Maker & Checker Functionality: A maker & checker functionality to ensure a robust approval process for system changes.
  • Incentive Programs: Al Jomaih will be able to launch short-burst incentive programs (contests). They can also manage concurrent commission plans based on business performance and KPI goals.
  • Mobile App and WhatsApp Integration:Leadership and end-users will have access to mobile and WhatsApp functionality. This access enables them to monitor their performance and resolve disputes, thereby enhancing transparency and motivation.
  • Support: Post-go-live, Incentivate will provide ongoing support, ensuring the system's stability and reliability every month.

Al Jomaih's partnership with Incentivate underscores its commitment to innovation and operational excellence. The initiative is expected to enhance the organization's efficiency, transparency, and motivation. Ultimately aiming to drive Al Jomaih's continued success in the Gulf region.

About Author

Sumeet Shah

Chief Growth Officer @Incentivate, has over 15 years of experience in management consulting, product engineering, and analytics, working with clients across multiple countries, functions, and domains.