How to Create B2B Sales Plan

Planning an effective sales strategy followed by proper execution is not as easy as it sounds. It is only after the Sales Manager is done looking at previous stats, the strengths, and weaknesses of team members, market opportunities, target audience, etc. can he/she devise a successful Sales Plan. Establishing and maintaining a professional yet nurturing relationship with customers is very important. If the customer trusts your team, it will boost up the spirit of the Sales team and help them deliver effectively on those opportunities.

What is a B2B Sales Plan?

B2B stands for Business to Business. It very simply means that when a company sells its products/service to another business, it falls under B2B Sales. B2B sales planning require intricate sales strategies as it is the crucial link that connects business goals, markets, products with execution in the field.

How to create a B2B Sales Plan?

1. Research your Target Market

Run proper background research on your target market and each of your potential customers. This step is very important as all your leads might not be qualified leads. The research will help you understand which leads to follow. This will allow you to spend your time, your team’s time in an efficient manner. It will increase productivity and enhance the chances of success.

2. Sales Quota Planning

Sales Quota plays a key role in every Sales team. It is something that motivates Sales reps to work harder and achieve more. Setting up a Sales Quota that works best for your team is necessary. There are many factors that one should consider when planning a Sales Quota. Measure the past performances of the team, budget forecasting, analyzing the market, target audience, future expectations, etc. Everything comes into play here and nothing can be ignored.

3. Strong Networking with Customers

Professional relationships require your time and trust. Build a relationship with customers or prospects in a sensitive way. Pressuring them into investing in your services/product is not ideal and it would not work. When it’s B2B, you need to understand that you are not directly selling to customers but to other professionals who have certain knowledge about the business world, about how things work. Pitch your ideas in a way that will attract their attention. Your idea may be brilliant but if not presented accurately, the deal might never happen. Building strong relationships with customers can also help you in the future.

4. Set Targets

Organizing your data and making a proper plan increases efficiency and productivity. With a set target, sales reps will have a goal to accomplish, something to work towards. Building sales targets will allow you to measure the effectiveness of each of your team members and analyze their performance. This does not mean that you should set an unrealistic target for the team. That will only demotivate the reps and will be followed by a negative outcome. Sales Targets will also allow reps to explore new opportunities and learn new things every day. It will help them grow professionally.

5. Territory Planning

Targeting the market that will be beneficial to your company is important. If you expect consistent sales growth over time, then you must also target the right customers for your plan. Even with a brilliant idea and a phenomenal execution, your plan might not work if the target market is not right. Here, front-line workers of the sales team might help. Since they are the ones who communicate with clients and customers, they have an idea of what the audience expects from them and which kind of audience we should pitch our ideas to. Research is yet another brilliant way for territory planning. The market is a very unpredictable place and trends there keep changing over time. The research will help you to understand customers’ needs. This way, you can select the right group of audience which will lead to consistent sales growth.


Creating a B2B Sales Plan requires you to put in your time, effort, and knowledge. Carefully constructing a plan that motivates the sales team to do better, targets the right audience, and increases sales is not impossible. With proper planning and research, a B2B Sales Plan can be constructed that works best for your company. Your phenomenal sales team can then pave the way for the company’s success.

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