Incentivate Launches Data Integration with Hubspot

Incentivate, one of the leading players in the sales performance management space. It is the world’s only zero-compromise platform to automate incentives with real-time performance visibility. Further expanding on the zero-compromise principle, Incentivate is happy to announce that Hubspot is the latest addition to an already existing list of integrations. 

With this, enterprises using Hubspot can now:

Do away with manual uploads 

Incentivate now pulls opportunities right from Hubspot. Rules can be set up to selectively push opportunities that need to be used for incentives/commission calculation. No more excel uploads, just connect, and you are set up. 

Real-time reporting

Set up the opportunities transfer frequency from Hubspot based on your convenience, and Incentivate will accordingly re-process the underlying incentive rules and refresh the calculations and associated dashboards for the field to stay up to date with their performance.


Reps can now leverage the access to yet-to-be-closed opportunities in Hubspot and project their potential incentives using Incentivate’s what-if/simulation feature.

As Incentivate continues to expand its footprint across industries, Hubspot integration will serve as a significant win-win for stakeholders across all the functions. Admins will now save hours of time spent cleaning up opportunities data and uploading them through excel. The field won't have to wait for the latest incentives to reflect on the dashboard. 

About Incentivate

Incentivate is the only zero-compromise incentive compensation management software aiming to change how you reward your salespeople without worrying about structuring your data to fit the confines of systems. Incentivate today caters globally to large global enterprises such as the Reliance group, Mahindra group, Carl Zeiss, Red Hat, Hitachi Systems, as well as growing mid-market companies such as Atomberg, Netcore Cloud, Cyient, and Transmit Security, amongst others. Incentivate empowers enterprises to automate their sales compensation calculations without worrying about the rigidity that exists today in incentive compensation software globally.

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Amit Jain

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