Incentivate Talks With Bettina Kaemmerer

Welcome to our podcast blog, where we plan to engage with sales compensation management experts, sharing their valuable insights on trends, problems, and their practical solutions. The main goal of these discussions is to help people who manage sales incentive programs to analyze & enhance their existing incentive management processes.

Today, companies face the challenge of adapting to dynamic market trends in a setting where digitization rules. What are we doing about that? Our guest speaker, Bettina Kaemmerer, is here to outline an effective five-step process that can help you with incentive planning and structures.

Current State Analysis

Conduct a thorough analysis of existing incentive structures, focusing on data, rules complexity, and reporting. Identify strengths & weaknesses and engage key stakeholders for clarity and accountability.


Communicate your intent clearly to sales leadership. Develop a transition plan with a clear timeline covering process, people, and technology changes. Conduct regular meetings for transparency and adaptability.


Establish a clear transition timeline, avoiding hasty replacements disrupting workflows and hindering performance. Communicate changes effectively and consider sales cycle & individual performance for successful strategy implementation.

Onboarding & Hyper care

Considering diverse audience preferences, offer tailored training sessions and support. Address concerns and questions, utilizing training methods like onsite/offsite, online, and videos to accommodate different learning styles.


Track performance metrics and effectiveness of the new incentive strategy. Collaborate with sales leadership and adapt based on ongoing analytics feedback. Define parameters and metrics according to stakeholder needs.


The five-step process provides a structured approach, ensuring alignment with corporate goals and effective communication with stakeholders. Organizations should be agile, transparent, and open to adjustments as we move forward to thrive in the digital era.

In closing, the journey to a new incentive strategy is challenging, but the benefits of aligning with market trends and corporate goals are substantial. Embrace change, communicate effectively, and monitor progress to stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

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