Sales Incentives for Call Center Employees

In every workplace, keeping people happy and motivated is difficult, but agent motivation is particularly difficult in call centres. Incentive programmes of call centres are designed to increase work engagement and professionalism. Incentives that do not keep workers motivated, on the other hand, become an expected part of the job. You can't merely hand out items if you want compelling rewards that actually work. You must carefully create a strategy that will last for a long time and produce efficient results.

Money is helpful, but not everything. In call centres, the management needs to get more creative in order to spark motivational feelings in the hearts of your employees. Bonuses aren't the only way to show your staff how much you appreciate their efforts. Fortunately, there are some call centre incentive ideas to raise morale among those who serve as your smooth and efficient voice through some effective incentives.

Here are a few call centre incentive ideas:

Gamified Approach

Gamification is a tool that can lift up the morale of your employees and drive them to work harder. A monotonous routine in the work-life can lead to a high attrition rate too. People want to have fun in the work they do, but with the same routine daily it becomes a little hard to enjoy the process. Investing in gamification to drive employees to engage and accomplish is one approach to reduce attrition and bad performance.

Food Delivery Coupons

Good food, good life. Most of the people order food from outside at least once in two weeks. Giving food delivery coupons as an incentive can be an interesting idea. Food makes people instantly happy. This would lead to employee engagement and produce better results as the employees work to their full potential.

On the Spot Appreciation

Being a call centre agent is no easy job. To interact with so many people on a daily basis requires a lot of patience and dedication. Making sure that your employees know how much you appreciate them and encourage their working spirit can also be a good way to boost their morale. Make a point of awarding great client service with on-the-spot prizes and a little impromptu celebration. This form of public acknowledgement is a powerful motivator of psychological safety and is especially beneficial in high-stress workplaces.

Monthly Awards

A huge majority of employees agree that rewarding high-performing personnel is critical. Recognising their hard work and making an effort to acknowledge their work is essential. Many companies have an employee of the month award which encourages the workforce to put in their best work and win that award. You can hand out more rewards if you divide your call centre into multiple teams. These awards might be based on votes, and they can motivate co-workers to support one another. This shows your staff that you appreciate their efforts and are aware of their hard work.


Sales Incentives are a way to motivate your team members. They also improve the employee engagement rate and help create a good atmosphere in the workplace. Hence, it is important to pay attention to Sales Incentives and provide your employees with rewards.

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