Largest Indian Insurance Broker neutralizes complex IRDAI incentive guidelines for Point of Sales Agents using Incentivate

by | Dec 20, 2022




Mumbai, India


Insurance Broker

A leading insurance broker in India, primarily in motor insurance, assists their customers with innovative and customized insurance solutions to ensure their satisfaction and delight. Besides selling insurance, they also provide risk management and audit services to their customers. With PAN India operations and as a reseller for the top 23 insurance providers in India, they are by far leading this space by a long distance.


As a leading insurance broker, the client had over 30,000 agents operating across the entire country. A combination of complex IRDAI guidelines and logistical as well as technological challenges made the overall operations cumbersome and inefficient. This resulted in an increase in the number of queries coming from the field, directly impacting the time the sales operations team could spend on understanding, optimizing, and introducing contests to boost the topline.


Some of the key challenges that the company faced as a result of the complicated incentive guidelines were:

  • The organization had to deal with the complex IRDAI incentive guidelines, which varied by region, vehicle category, policy type (comprehensive, own damage, and third party), policy term, and coverage type. These resulted in unique incentives for all possible combinations. However, accurate calculations were a big challenge as spreadsheets could not cope with these complexities.
  • Sales reporting was difficult because policies were sold directly through Points of Sales (Agents), and strategic alliances logged into SAIBA had nuances specific to the sales channel and local challenges (e.g. lack of internet, technologically inept).
  • The sales operations team worked for weeks on spreadsheet calculations. And sales executives spent several hours validating them.
  • In absence of an incentive solution, the agents received incentives information in excel spreadsheets. The lack of detailed calculations hit the motivation levels and resulted in decreased productivity.


The Incentivate team met with the sales operations team of the client to understand the challenges that the insurance industry, and them in particular, were facing. It was difficult to envision the desired outcome in the absence of an effective current setup. So, a full-fledged onsite workshop was arranged for the same, which significantly simplified the process and helped detail out exact requirements that were critical for the success of the sales function. A cohesive effort was put in to create an all-inclusive plan, which was used diligently followed by both the parties during the implementation phase.


With a single platform that unifies multiple functionalities, the organization was able to improve operational efficiency while bringing complete transparency to the salesforce. Processing period times reduced significantly, and the timeliness of incentive payouts improved owing to the following functionalities that were provided through Incentivate.

  • A solution designed to integrate and pull raw data and employee details from the client’s MSSQL server, helped the team to schedule jobs to run at specific times without any manual intervention
  • A parameterized system in accordance with IRDAI guidelines
  • A near-real-time refreshed incentive and performance dashboard for agents
  • A Single Sign-On functionality for seamless access
  • Maker-Checker functionality for the operations team to control parameter-related changes and for auditing
  • Exception Management functionality to override data errors
  • Weekly processing as opposed to the current monthly manual process
  • A SAP compatible payout file for the Finance team


The organization successfully prepared for the IRDAI’s added complexity by effectively implementing a unified system, which provided the following benefits:

  • Near real time access to individual and team’s performance for the field
  • 80% of the erroneous transactions resulted in wrong incentive payouts
  • A massive reduction in offline processing, resulting in a 50% increase in the bandwidth of the existing sales operations team for value-added activities
  • Weekly dashboards for Sales Operations to track field level performance
  • The business got access to insights into the best and worst-performing insurance providers, which are now used as a baseline to launch contests to push specific insurance products to the market

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