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One platform for managing incentive plans of all your employees and indirect channels

Choose OpEx-only or CapEx + OpEx pricing model based on your budgetary appetite.

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    Improved operational efficiency across clients

    One-time setup fee + Annual licensing fee

    • Setup fee defined based on scope, size and complexity of salesforce structure and incentive plans.
    • Setup fee is charged upfront.
    • Annual licensing fees (per payee per month) starts at go-live.

    Amortized setup fee + Annual licensing fee

    • Setup fee defined based on scope, size and complexity of salesforce structure and incentive plans.
    • Setup fee not charged upfront but amortized over contract term.
    • Annual licensing fees (per payee per month) starts at kickoff.

    Licensing fees of $9/payee/month subject to a minimum of 50 payees

    Tiered licensing at lower rates for >250 payees.

    Implementation fees starts at $4,500

    From Our Clients

    Every other platform was forcing us to change how we manage data and pay incentives. Incentivate provided us the flexibility without asking us to compromise along with being the most cost-effective platform that has eliminated our incentives woes.

    Kalpesh Desai

    Global Head of Sales Operation, Netcore

    With Incentivate, we are able to manage complex plans easily and making updates is a breeze. No other platform comes close to Incentivate’s flexibility, and comprehensiveness.

    Tejas Kumar

    Tejas Kumar Manager - Sales Excellence, Atomberg

    We found a unique blend of powerful platform and expertise – Incentivate team’s understanding of our business and deep know-how of sales commission best practices helped improve our processes in areas beyond just automation.

    Vishwas Sukumar

    Director Pricing, WeWork

    We have seen many solutions in the market. Hands down, Incentivate is the most flexible and easy-to-use tool and meets all of our requirements. You see the difference when you really look under the hood.

    Amit Agarwal

    Head of Compliance, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Ltd.

    What do you get?

    Unparalleled features | Full unrestricted access
    Whether you manage commission plans for sales and channels or incentive plans for customer service, operations or other teams, you get unrestricted access to our most comprehensive and zero-comprise platform to automate management of plans with real-time performance visibility.
    What do you get
    What do you get

    Incentive plan designer

    • Multi-country plan deployment
    • Intuitive, no-code interface for creating formulae
    • Quickly edit plans
    • Update existing metrics
    • Add/Edit multipliers, accelerators, decelerators
    • Create plans centrally for sales, channels and non-sales teams

    Data management and organisation

    • Built-in data connectors & APIs
    • Bring your data in as-is format – without restructuring Out-of-box integration with CRM, HR, ERP, Sales, and
    • Communication tools
    • Easy integration with legacy and home-grown systems
    • Built-in data structure creator from raw data sets
    • Automated data flow to and from your systems ecosystem

    Sales communications & engagement

    • Intuitive real-time performance and payout reports
    • Leaderboards and gamification of sales contents
    • Social validations to increase engagement
    • Automated plan acknowledgment
    • SAML2 based Single sign-on
    • What-if simulators to forecast earnings
    • Mobile app for field sales and non-sales teams
    • Automated disputes management with multi-level workflow and audit/trail
    • Automated reports on WhatsApp (Usage pricing applies), Slack, and emails
    • Automated global or personalized messages, and performance updates

    Calculations automation

    • Automated calculation workflows
    • Schedule for incentives calculations
    • Built-in validator for error-free processing
    • Automated workflows post calculation triggers
    • Easily manage exceptions, splits and roll-up calculations

    Workflow automation

    • Easily create workflows for data management
    • Multi-level workflows for dispute resolution
    • Workflow for payouts review and approval

    Reporting & analytics

    • Intuitive and interactive dashboards for all functions
    • Teams and individual performance reports
    • Customized reporting by hierarchical levels and functions
    • Dashboards for compensation, HR, Finance teams
    • Dashboards for sales teams and leadership
    • Plans performance analysis
    • Payout forecasting reports

    What will you pay? Our pricing is simple and

    transparent. No hidden costs. No price

    escalation post contract signing.

    You will pay a monthly subscription fee of $9/user/month and a one-time setup fee for configuration of your current plans and processes in Incentivate so you can get going in no time. If you pick our amortized model, the setup fee is amortized over the contract term by charging a higher subscription fee and no upfront setup fee.
    Don’t pay 3 to 5 times price
    Why pay $25 to $32 per user per month for other software that limit you from managing plans the way you want and force you to work in the confines of systems?

    See power of Incentivate.

    Sign-up for free POC (proof of concept). See your plans and data in Incentivate. If you are not impressed, have Starbucks on us.

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    Tap into the industry’s best expertise while you scale your operations

    Our consultants have more than 30 years of experience in designing and managing plans for Fortune 500 and fast emerging enterprises across various industries. While you use Incentivate’s powerful platform to automate the management of variable plans, you can use our unmatched expertise to manage processing side-by-side your team or have our team manage everything.
    Side-by-Side Processing

    Side-by-Side Processing

    Our team will work with you side-by-side as you do the processing and provide an oversight

    Running commission for 1-3 cycles

    Running commission for 1-3 cycles

    We will run the entire processing from data inputs to calculations and reporting for your first 1 to 3 payout cycles and then your team can continue to manage.

    Incentive & commission plan management

    Incentive & commission plan management

    We will take care of everything for designing and managing all plans for various teams and channels so your team can focus on value-centric tasks

    Incentive management best practices training

    Incentive management best practices training

    There is more to driving desired performance than just automating plan calculations. Our experts provide best practices knowledge aligned with today’s business environment

    Operation & change management support

    Operation & change management support

    Leverage our expertise in change management and operations to ensure smooth, secure and effortless transitions

    What are you waiting for?

    The best sales incentive management platform is at your fingertips

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