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Our Approach

What do you get?

✔ Streamlined single-click processing
✔ Do-it-yourself incentive plan management
✔ Agile and adaptable incentive solution

✔ Effortless dispute and query management

✔ Near real-time performance insights

✔ Multi-channel user engagement

✔ Anytime processing & payments

✔ Trust-building transparency

✔ Elevated salesforce motivation

✔ Manager Summary

Do you face these problems?

Checklist to Identify the Right Incentives Management Solution

Use this checklist as a good practice guide to evaluate incentive management solutions

Data Management & Reporting

Integrates with standard and in-house systems

Easy deployment on the clieCapability to identify data issues at the start of processing's cloud infrastructure

Provides insightful reporting with personalized nudges and what-if calculators

Gives access to summarized plan performance with the ability to drill down

Enables access to historical information for understanding trends and to perform downstream analytics

Enables on-the-go insights and query management for the salesforce using a mobile app

Security & Scalability

Supports multi-tenancy and multi-currency support

Capability to process large volumes of data in a short amount of time

Easy deployment on the client’s cloud infrastructure

Ongoing access to any type of system activity and user interaction

A comprehensive solution that also covers quota, roster, MBO management

Incentive Calculations

Able to configure plans with varying levels of complexity

Allows quicker and faster change management

Changes can be managed without developer support

Allows for manual adjustments, overrides, and exceptions with governance

Facilitates plan modeling to understand the impact of changes

Can handle complex components like draws, true-ups, qualifiers, etc.

Can accommodate HR exception rules for new hires, terminations, leaves, etc.

Manage varying payment and plan calculation schedules

From Our Clients


Every other platform needed us to change the way we managed data. Incentivate provided us flexibility without any compromise along with being the most cost-effective platform that has eliminated our incentives woes.

Kalpesh Desai
Global Head of Sales Operations

Frequently asked questions

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How do you ensure the system is flexible and can handle business exceptions?

Is there a way to communicate performance and insights other than the standard web reports?

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What is your typical implementation time?

Can we manage operations on our own?

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