Incentivate launches embedded query management

A lot more data is now available to sales reps and agents as part of their incentive reporting. This helps them analyze their own performance and modify their behaviours to improve their earning potential. However one of the issues that still plague organizations is bad quality data that is used in incentive calculations. Reps and agents are quick to catch these errors in the data that is used in calculating their incentives.

This intelligence is of great importance in capturing and correcting the data so that incentives can be paid correctly. Making this process seamless ensures that these issues are captured early and data is corrected before the pay date comes around. In addition this process requires contextual information along with the actual query be submitted so that this process can become more efficient for the operations team.

To make this process seamless Incentivate has launched embedded query management. This feature allows reps and agents to raise disputes or queries from within their performance dashboard. This allows them to provide feedback and queries contextually within their order or transaction lists. Research shows that contextualization of such process improves feedback that reps provide and allows data correction processes be done early in the incentive cycle and reduce stress during pay periods.

Would you like to take a look at how this feature works? We'd love to show you. Drop us your info here, and we'll set up a demo for you and your team.

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