Incentivate launches Incentive Simulators

Incentivate launches incentive simulators, to help sales reps and agents understand their incentives earnings potential. Integrated into their sales commission dashboards, users can intuitively vary their sales performance or other KPIs to reveal how much they would earn.

Despite the company’s best efforts sales incentive plans may end up being more complex than one would like. Complexity to the plan may emanate from product/bundle complexity, multiple KPIs being blended into commissions as well as sales process complexity in itself which may not be easily avoided. In such scenarios, sales effectiveness teams have to ensure your sales reps/agents are able to clearly understand the link between their sales performance and what commissions they would earn.

Commission simulators or earnings calculators are a great way to achieve that. Incentivate’s commission simulators are easy to understand and use for end-users. This feature will help reps clearly link their performance to their earning potential and direct their effort towards the required actions to achieve that. What’s more, simulators can be adapted to your plans and multiple simulators can be embedded in commission dashboards to estimate earnings from multiple components and include riders/qualifiers in the calculator.

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