Incentivate launches Snowflake Integration

Incentivate launches Snowflake integration to seamlessly read and write data from and to your Snowflake instance.

Many of our prospects and customers have logically stored most of their HR, customer, sales and marketing data in their Snowflake data warehouse instances and these key inputs can now be seamlessly ingested into Incentivate. The key inputs for incentives can be ingested directly from the customers' Snowflake data warehouse and be used in calculations. The calculated incentives and other results can be written back into snowflake for record and history purposes. The other advantage is Incentivate can now also ingest non-incentive related data for display on sales rep, agent or executive dashboards to provide an all-round view of performance.

Along with our no-code incentive plan builder, this forms a powerful combination to perform incentive calculations within Incentivate but logically store all data generated by the organization in your Snowflake Data Warehouse so as to prevent data silos. Several data preprocessing steps that are critical to incentives but are also required for non-incentive activities can now be performed in Incentivate and updated back in Snowflake for use in those other activities.

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