Incentivate's Newest Addition - Persistent Guides!

What's new?

Incentivate, a no-code sales performance management, reporting & analytics platform, is pleased to introduce a groundbreaking feature - Persistent Guides. Crafted to transform user engagement, Persistent Guides stands ready to encourage sales incentive analysts, streamline operations, and enhance overall organizational effectiveness.

Imagine you're a sales incentive analyst, freshly embarking on your journey with Incentivate. Excited yet slightly overwhelmed, you're eager to manage your first incentive plan. But where do you begin? Enter Persistent Guides, the newest addition to our set of features, built to simplify your experience and amplify your success.

Example Scenario: Meet John, a sales incentive analyst navigating Incentivate for the first time. As he logs in, a surge of anticipation courses through him, tinged with a hint of uncertainty. But with a click of the Guides button, a world of resources unfolds before him.

What Happens Next?

Step-by-step instructions: John discovers a treasure trove of clear, concise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) right on his dashboard, meticulously tailored to his unique implementation needs. The path forward now lays out with precision and clarity, eliminating the need for scouring through manuals or grappling with uncertainty.

Flow Navigation: As John traverses through the platform, the Guide remains steadfast, ensuring he never loses his bearings. Offering real-time tips and best practices tailored to each step of his sales incentive process. Embedded links seamlessly transport him to pertinent parameters and tables within the system, advancing his journey with unparalleled efficiency.

Empowerment: Within moments, John transforms into an Incentivate virtuoso, brimming with confidence as he sets up his inaugural incentive plan. With the Guide's knowledge and support, he strengthens his efforts, paving the path to success and achievement.

Your Turn

Just as John has unlocked the full potential of Incentivate with our new Guide feature, you, too, can embark on a journey of empowerment and excellence. Beyond mere assistance, the Guide serves as your indispensable roadmap to mastery, enriching your sales incentive strategies and propelling your organization to new heights of success.

Explore how the Guide can transform your experience, making it efficient, enjoyable, and rewarding. Experience the future of sales incentive management with Persistent Guides by Incentivate.

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Incentivate is a full-featured no-code sales commission and incentive management solution suite with built-in IC intelligence and business workflow to automate sales and operational incentives/commissions of in-house sales force & other channels. It supports clients of all sizes and industries.

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