Incentivate launches Slack Integration

by | May 2, 2022

Incentivate; a no-code sales performance management, reporting & analytics platform is pleased to announce that Incentivate can now be integrated with Slack – a collaboration platform that enables employees to stay connected and productive across teams.

Incentivate is a full-featured no-code sales commission and incentive management solution suite with built-in IC intelligence and business workflow to automate sales as well as operational incentives/commissions of in-house sales force & other channels. It supports clients of all sizes and industries.

This integration with Slack will be beneficial for the businesses in the following way:

  • It will enable sales teams to track individual performances in Slack groups
  • Managers will be able to track team performance and communicate with reps thereby cutting down on an additional channel of communication
  • Sales Reps will be motivated through notifications letting them know whenever they reach their quotas or specific sales milestones
  • Reps will be updated upon completion of performance processing as well as payout releases
  • Reps will receive a real-time performance update.

Overall, this integration will empower Sales teams to realize their potential and guide them towards achieving or even exceeding it. Additionally, it will improve the overall effectiveness of sales operations groups while giving them enough opportunities to focus on broader things at hand.

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